Advisory: Campaign to Advance Groundbreaking Clean Energy, Jobs Plan





Eric Steen, BlueGreen Alliance, 612-466-4488

J. Drake Hamilton, Fresh Energy, 651-366-7557


Labor, energy, faith, youth, and conservation groups to announce campaign to advance groundbreaking clean energy, jobs plan

ST. PAUL, MN – On Tuesday, March 5 at 9:30 a.m. in room 181 of the State Office Building, a group of labor, energy, business, faith, environment, and youth leaders will announce a campaign to advance a groundbreaking state legislation to create jobs for Minnesotans, generateclean, renewable energy, and protect our health and the air we breathe.

 The campaign will mobilize over 30 Minnesota organizations working to advance the state’s sustainable energy future and promote economic, energy, and climate change solutions supported by the majority of Minnesota voters.


o   Pete Parris, political director, Sheet Metal Workers, Local 10

o   Michael Noble, executive director, Fresh Energy

o   Beth Soholt, executive director, Wind on the Wires

o   Reverend Mark Peters, executive director, Lutheran Coalition for Public Policy in Minnesota

o   Katie Mercer-Taylor, Roseville Area High School and co-chair of the Youth Environmental Activists of Minnesota (YEA! MN)


Campaign launches to advance groundbreaking clean energy and jobs plan in Minnesota


State Office Building, Room 181


Tuesday, March 5, 9:30AM





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