Statement on endorsement of Betsy Hodges for Mayor

June 12, 2013
Hodges Campaign Contact: Andrew O’Leary, andy@betsyhodges.org651-357-5234
Sierra Club Contact: Peter Teigland, Political Chair, peter.teigland@gmail.com704-574-5662

Statement on endorsement of Betsy Hodges for Mayor
Minneapolis, MN – Today, the Sierra Club North Star Chapter announced its endorsement in the Minneapolis Mayoral race in a statement by Political Chair Peter Teigland:
“Today we would like to announce our endorsement of Betsy Hodges for Mayor of Minneapolis.
“Among a pool of several very talented and promising candidates—including some with excellent environmental records and ideas—Council Member Hodges rose to the top.”
“Her stance on the issues aligns very well with the Sierra Club’s priorities. The depth of her understanding of environmental issues impressed us, and she can be trusted to champion environmental issues with regularity and by instinct.
“With the city in tight financial straits, we feel that she is the candidate best-suited to lead Minneapolis toward a financially sustainable future, while prioritizing socially and environmentally sustainable policies.
“Betsy Hodges has been a consistent friend of the Sierra Club as a member of the City Council, and has built the relationships during her tenure there to get things done.”
Councilmember Hodges said, “I am thrilled to receive the endorsement of Sierra Club and want to thank their members. I look forward to standing with them as mayor. The organization’s commitment to renewable energy, transit and environmental justice are issues central to our campaign to build a city that meets the great environmental challenges of our time. The 21st- century city we build together will be a zero-waste city and one that is more equitable and livable.”

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