Release: Beyond Coal Day of Action



Alison Flowers, 303-246-6297,

Alexis Boxer, 203-885-3629,

Grassroots Activists Hold 15 Events for Minnesota Beyond Coal Day of Action


Rallies, community conversations, movie screenings among action-taking events urging Minnesota utilities to move beyond coal to clean energy

Today parents, students, public health advocates and clean air supporters joined forces for the Minnesota Beyond Coal Day of Action with 15 events across the state from Ely to Northfield and Morris to St. Cloud and Minneapolis, ranging from movie screenings to rallies to panel discussions and community conversations. At each event, action-takers made phone calls and participated in photo petitions, urging utilities, such as Minnesota Power and Xcel Energy, to move away from fossil fuels.

“Students like me have a powerful voice that utility companies need to start listening to,” said Shira Breen, a student at South High School in Minneapolis. “It’s up to us and our generation to move beyond coal to clean energy in Minnesota. If we let big polluters like Xcel Energy’s Sherco go unchecked, it will be too late for our climate and too late to protect the health of our communities. We can’t wait any longer. Our clean energy future is now.”

Minnesota is on track to get 25 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2025. In 2013, the state established renewable energy policies that will mean 34 times more solar power in 2020 than today. Meanwhile, the majority of Minnesota’s electricity still comes from burning coal, an outdated and dirty energy source that pollutes the air and water, sickens communities and sends billions of dollars out of state.

“It’s clear that Minnesotans across the state are ready to move beyond coal,” said Michelle Rosier, senior campaign manager for the Minnesota Beyond Coal campaign. “Now it’s time for Xcel Energy and Minnesota Power to step up to the plate and help make that happen.”



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