Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to Hear State-Level Environmental Justice Recommendations for Clean Power Plan

Karen Monahan, 952-220-1453, karen.monahan@sierraclub.org
Sean Sarah, 330-338-3740, sean.sarah@sierraclub.org

Justice groups to hold press event before MPCA meeting leading up to the first-ever limits on carbon pollution in long-awaited Clean Power Plan

**ATTENTION ASSIGNMENT/PHOTO DESKS: On-site visuals/signage will include these messages: “I HEART CLEAN AIR,” “ACT ON CLIMATE” and “CLEAN POWER PLAN PROTECTS OUR COMMUNITIES.” Pollution and health impacts b-roll here.

BACKGROUND:  As the nation prepares for the first-ever limits on carbon pollution — the Clean Power Plan — Minnesota is considering how to implement these life-saving protections for the state. For decades, carbon pollution from industry and coal-burning plants have harmed communities, especially children, seniors and low-income families, while also destabilizing climate and playing a significant role in extreme weather events. In recent days, the U.S. Surgeon General testified at the White House Climate Health Summit that climate disruption will have a serious impact on human health.

The Clean Power Plan, soon to be published by the EPA in July, will not only curb the carbon pollution that directly contributes to climate disruption, but it will also reduce harmful air pollution, such as smog and soot and other toxic air pollutants.


Press event before Minnesota Pollution Control Agency meeting to hear Environmental Justice recommendations for state’s Clean Power Plan implementation


Environmental Justice advocates, community members, health professionals, Sierra Club

Dr. Bruce Snyder, Twin Cities neurologist, teaches at the University of Minnesota Medical School

Shiranthi Goonathilaka, Urban Heat Island Intern, Kitty Anderson Youth Science Center

Louis Alemayehu, North American Water Office, Environmental Justice Advocates of Minnesota, MN Interfaith Power & Light, North Star Sierra Club Board


12:30 PM, Tuesday, June 30 (MPCA meeting to follow on site at 1 PM)


Emerge (North Side), 1834 Emerson Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55411



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