Local Sierra Club Chapter Celebrates 20th Annual Bike Tour – Tour highlights transportation options in the Twin Cities

Contact: Joshua Houdek,
Land Use and Transportation Program Manager, Sierra Club North Star Chapter
joshua.houdek@sierraclub.org w) 612-259-2447 c) 612-207-2295

Minneapolis, MN – On Saturday, September 19, the Sierra Club North Star Chapter will host its 20th year of “Touring the Metro by Bike.” The annual ride aims to bring together residents of all ages in an event that highlights sustainable land use and transportation infrastructure in the Twin Cities.

Each year, the ride features a different family-friendly route throughout the metro, with guest speakers at educational rest stops along the way. Past years’ topics include advocacy for bicycle and pedestrian safe spaces, transportation investments that spur sustainable living by increasing bicycle infrastructure and transit options, and creating a healthy workforce through transportation that helps the Twin Cities grow and remain competitive.

To celebrate its 20th year, the 2015 ride will begin in St. Paul, and will showcase past tours and celebrate biking and walking successes in the Twin Cities region.

Sierra Club’s Land Use and Transportation Chair, Andy Coldwell said, “The annual tour gives us a chance to meet local residents who are as passionate as we are about green transportation – transit options that allow people to enjoy everything the Twin Cities have to offer without needing to drive. We want our 20th anniversary tour to encourage community involvement and remind everyone of the pure joy that comes from simply riding a bike.”

Those interested in joining the ride can learn more and sign up at sierraclub.org/minnesota/tour



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