Sierra Club to Highlight Green Transportation and Development on 20th Annual Bike Tour

On Saturday, September 19th, over 100 bicyclists will tour 20 miles of St. Paul to celebrate the capital city’s new bike plan, which will bring much more bike connectivity for everyone. This year’s tour highlights will also showcase the new A Line Snelling Rapid Bus and the Green Line LRT.

What makes the Sierra Club Bike Tour unique? Our Tour combines scenic rides with activism. We feature educational speakers and community leaders at several rest stops along the way to inform riders about important biking, transportation and land use issues.

WHAT: Sierra Club’s 20th Annual Bike Tour

WHEN: Saturday, September 19, 9:00am-2:00pm (Tour kicks off with speakers at 10:00am)

WHERE: Starts/ends at the Urban Academy Charter School, 1668 Montreal Ave, St. Paul, MN 55116. Travels through Highland Park to downtown St. Paul and lunch stop at Union Depot; then west through the Frogtown and Hamline Midway neighborhoods, and then south to Mac / Groveland. (route map)

WHO: Expert guest speakers include local activists, Chair of the Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition, City of St. Paul Transportation Planner, Chair, Union Park District Council Land Use Committee and others.

TOUR HIGHLIGHTS: Route includes: Features of the new St. Paul bike plan, future Snelling A Line Rapid Bus, Union Depot, Green Line LRT and more!

VISUALS: We can provide specific stops with approximate arrival times of 100 bicyclists, especially on front end of Tour.




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