Minnesota Legislature Sides with Polluters Against Clean Air and Water

March 31, 2017

Media Contact:
Margaret Levin – Margaret.levin@sierraclub.org, 612-659-9124

Saint Paul, MINN. (March 31, 2017) – This week, the Minnesota House and Senate passed their Environment and Natural Resources Omnibus bills (HF888/SF723). In addition to irresponsible budget cuts to state agencies charged with safeguarding Minnesotan’s air, land and water, the bills include more than 90 pages of policy provisions, many of which are controversial polluter-sponsored initiatives that weaken existing environmental laws and roll back protections.

Margaret Levin, State Director of the Sierra Club North Star Chapter issued the following statement in response:

“Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and voters expect their legislators to prioritize the protection of clean water, clean air and the health of families and children when they come to St. Paul. Today, the Minnesota House and Senate both failed to meet this standard. The House and Senate Environment Omnibus bills include sweetheart provisions for polluting industries, undermine Minnesota’s longstanding framework for environmental protection, and fail to adequately fund the protections that keep our air and water safe.

In 2008, Minnesotans voted to raise their own taxes in order to ensure that our most precious natural resources are properly protected. Minnesotans view the protection of air and water as core functions of their state government. Clearly, Minnesota legislators need to get in sync with their constituents on these critical issues.”



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