Statement on endorsement of Betsy Hodges for Minneapolis Mayor

July 6, 2017
Contact: Peter Teigland, Political Chair,

Minneapolis – Today the Sierra Club North Star Chapter announced its endorsement of Betsy Hodges for reelection as Mayor of Minneapolis in a statement from Political Chair Peter Teigland:

“Put simply, Betsy delivered on the promises she made when we endorsed her in 2013. Three of the major issues from her campaign four years ago—organics recycling, the Clean Energy Partnership with the City’s utilities, and Complete Streets—are now city policy. We look forward to each of those signature issues taking its next step in her second term. We hope to see composting more widely available (consequently with less trash going to the HERC incinerator); we hope, as Mayor Hodges has promised, for an increase in utility franchise fees, which can be put toward energy conservation and renewables access for the City’s low-wealth residents; we hope to see the Complete Streets policy more widely implemented, and look forward to an ever-more walkable, bike-able, and accessible Minneapolis.

“We eagerly anticipate what she will accomplish in the next four years. Rolling out of Green Zones in North Minneapolis and East Phillips and the closure of Northern Metals’ North Minneapolis plant are good steps toward alleviating some of the historical environmental injustices in the city, and an indicator of things to come. We are also thrilled that Mayor Hodges has invested in additional staff resources to build the city’s resilience toward climate change.

“The relationships Mayor Hodges has built over her first term—from Van Jones and Pope Francis, to the League of Mayors, to environmental champions on City Council—are inherently valuable parts of municipal government not easily replaced. We are confident that she will be able to build on these relationships, and accomplish even more with a more progressive City Council and Park Board.”



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