Twin Cities Environmental Advocates, Labor Leaders, and State Officials Decry Trump Administration Attacks on Public Health


November 20, 2017

CONTACT: Brian O’Shea – (952) 393-2986,

(St. Paul, MN) – Today, Twin Cities labor leaders, state officials and environmental advocates joined together to call on the Trump administration to maintain federal fuel efficiency standards.

In a press conference hosted by the Sierra Club, speakers urged the administration to maintain the standards and thanked Senator Klobuchar for her work to protect public health and consumers.

A video of the press conference can be found here.

“These standards represent America’s largest-ever effort to reduce air pollution,” said Joshua Houdek, Land Use & Transportation Program Manager for the Sierra Club North Star Chapter. “We need to strengthen clean car standards, not roll them back. We want to thank Senator Klobuchar for her work to ensure clean air and a healthy climate for our families and call on the Trump administration to do the same.”

America’s clean car standards help ensure that cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs are more fuel-efficient, saving drivers money every trip to the gas station. The standards have also benefited taxpayers by helping save the state and local governments money when refueling government vehicles. save money through its fleet-greening programs.

“We are constantly working to reduce operating costs within our state vehicle fleet,” said Administration Commissioner Matt Massman. “The CAFÉ standards make a wider variety of fuel efficient vehicles available. They cut fuel consumption, which saves taxpayers money.”

Speakers noted that cleaner, more efficient vehicles also reduce air pollution and combat climate change – helping prevent harmful health impacts like asthma attacks and heart attacks triggered by dirty air.

“For more than a decade the State of Minnesota and the U.S. have been moving in the right direction on air pollution and climate change,” said Assistant Commissioner David Thornton of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. “There’s just no rationale reason why we want to halt that progress by rescinding these achievable CAFÉ standards.”

Consumers are reaping the benefits of greater fuel efficiency. America’s drivers have already saved more than $48 billion at the pump thanks to these standards, and by 2030, the average household in Minnesota will save $2,850 at the gas pump if they are left in place.


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